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13 Feb 2021
Mobile Wormhole

I made a mobile client for magic wormhole. The source code is on GitHub, where you could also directly download the APK. The app is on Google Play, but, unfortunately, I could not make it build for F-Droid; ironic, because guess which one I am using. The app is ugly, but it works, you can send and receive files and that is all that there is to it.

1 Nov 2016

Here is a cli tool I made that I use every day: stl. When I switch my working mode on or off, I tell stl so. And then I can ask stl how long have I worked. Nothing fancy but quite useful if you do not have a fixed working timetable.

6 Nov 2015
Range Tree

OK, so you have a bunch of markers on your map, let us say one for each human language on the planet. Now you choose a random point, let us say 42 N 42 E, and you want to know which language markers fall within a certain radius. What is a beautiful way to achieve this?

27 Jun 2015
AI Pidgin

In linguistics, pidgins are language forms that arise when two or more groups have to communicate but do not share a common language. Importantly, pidgins are language forms, i.e. they are not languages per se and nobody speaks them natively. One can make the analogy to domain-specific languages (DSL) in the typology of programming languages: both DSL and pidgins fulfil a certain function and are well-suited for that function only.

This is a follow-up on Searching for Words. The cute BK tree algorithm from the last post was not to live in isolation from the rest of the internet world. It was destined to be but a module of a bigger django machine powering a nice well-intentioned website.

Long hours ago, it turned out that I needed a very simple search. Very simple indeed, for the tokens to be searched are words from a list. The first thing that comes to mind is to do a simple database lookup; and if you have been tempted to try that you know that it does not feel right, mostly due to lack of both suggestions and relevant ordering of results.

before blog
Code is Poetry

An attempt into music and poetry. Artist: code is poetry, a.k.a. Hristo and I. Name of the piece: my good moments with s.